1. Inside A New Mertailor

    Dying to know what's going on at Mertailor! Well, here's a quick look inside the NEW Mertailor world! Well, some of it anyway!

    As many of you know, Mertailor has moved into a new location. As the mermaid swims, it's only about 3 miles downstream from our previous location.

    This relocation is VERY exciting for so many reasons. Our production departments now have the extra space needed to operate and grow so we can continue to bring you new and amazing mermaid merchandise. But most excitingly, we are preparing to launch Mertailor's new "Mermaid Aquarium Encounter" which we hope to open in Fall, 2020! Not only will you be able to browse our new gift shop, but you also will have the opportunity to explore the underwater world in a a way as never before.  As you cross the threshold into the Encounter you will enter a tropical rain forest and visit our rescued macaws and parrots. As you continue your journey towards the Bay you will be have the opportunity to interact with some of natures most amazing sea creatures such as the Atlantic Stingray, sea stars, horseshoe crabs and more.  You will finish your journey in front of our 13,000 gallon Caribbean Saltwater Aquarium where you might even see a mermaid or two! If you want to go deeper, you can put on a snorkel and some fins to enjoy a cool dip and swim among the many tropical reef fish in this featured exhibit. 

    Mertailor was founded in 2003 by Eric Ducharme, who was mesmerized and inspired by mermaids and the underwater world since he was 3 years old.   Not only was it his dream to become a mermaid tail maker, his first ambition was to become an underwater performer. That dream came true back in the early 2000's when Eric donned a set of fins and became an underwater performer at the world famous, Weeki Wachee Springs. Because Eric decided to move onto other adventures and pursue his career in tail-making, his ambitions in underwater performance were put on hold.   However that never stopped him from planning on living that dream again--one day, this day!

    So without further ado, we are excited to introduce to you, a look into Eric's vision. It is our hope that you, your friends, family, and loved ones will also enjoy visiting with us and participating with Mertailor in Eric's continuing journey for many years to come. With the world being turned upside down, we are trying to make the best of it and bring some joy to our community!

    We had the honor of working with Paola Alvarez Roque, Founder of Dimensions Studio, who did an over the top job turning our vision into a virtual reality, which assisted us tremendously in the creation of Mertailor's "Mermaid Aquarium Encounter". You can visit them at www.dimstudiopr.com or check out their Instagram @Dimstudiopr

    We can't wait for you to immerse yourself in Mertailor's new world!

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  2. Mertailor's Mermaid Aquarium Encounter

    Are you excited yet!?!?! Here’s the big news! We are MOVING (Soon - More details to come)--but there is a lot MORE!

    This afternoon we closed on our very own (new to us) building and it’s mighty big! Not only big enough for lots and lots of fun Mertailor stuff---but so much more! Before end of year we look forward to inviting you to experience our "Mermaid Aquarium Encounter".

    Come and enjoy Mertailor’s whimsical world of Mermaid performances and underwater ballet shows. That’s right! Get ready for some awesome underwater productions! Immerse yourself in a magical world of mermaids and marine life.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to observe aquatic life through the 25’ viewing window of our 30’ featured aquarium. Enjoy the soothing movement of rays and sharks and other colorful fish as they glide through the water. Maybe even dive into the main reef tank for your own personal underwater encounter. Yes, I said "DIVE" into the tank. Many "tail" swimming experiences will be available for you to become the mermaid or merman you always dreamed of for the day.

    There will also be other exhibits and interactive tanks filled with seastars, snails, friendly crabs, and other shallow water marine species. Our goal is to educate our guests about these fabulous animals, share their beauty and make known the importance of their existence in the world.

    We can't wait for you to immerse yourself in our new Mertailor world.

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  3. Custom Whimsy Tails!

    Have you ever wanted to design your very own mermaid tail? Well, now’s your chance! It is our pleasure to introduce you to Mertailor's Custom Whimsy Mermaid Tail program! We have teamed up with very talented artists that we have hand selected from around the world. These Artists have been approved and are authorized by Mertailor to assist you in designing the tail of your dreams. You will contract directly with the artist of your choice from this list for a one-on-one tail designing experience that will allow Mertailor to bring your creation to life. Once you have finalized and approved your mermaid tail concept, you will come back to Mertailor to fill in the requested information and upload a copy of the final approved design drawings and complete your purchase. Click Here to begin!

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  4. Signature Series

    What’s better to share on Mermaid Monday other than this!?! I can’t think of anything better! The “secret” tail is making its way into my photography is part of our "coming soon" Signature Series. You want this tail you say? Well, here’s the scoop! This isn’t going to be categorized as a Spellbound Tail, but rather part of my new Signature Collection. I absolutely ADORE creating mermaid and merman magic for all of you, but I wanted to have the opportunity to create something rather exclusive to my personal fistic, artistic style, giving me full artistic freedom to create some awesome magic ✨ What this means is I’m going to get a few minor details from clients and I’m going to create a one of a kind tail that I have total control over and at a limited quantity. Instead of producing hundreds of these beauties, I want it to be more authentic and limited! Whilst I’m still working out the bugs and final decisions, I wanted the opportunity to share this with you as I know many of your have been very curious as to what I have planned next for Mertailor!

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  5. Hocus Pocus!

    While we are way past Halloween and the Spooky Season, there’s no reason not to have a little Hocus Pocus in your life! Did you know we have over ninety Whimsy Tail designs?! We’ve got something for everyone! Including our Guppy Tails for children and newly finned mermaids. Did you know that Mertailor makes all of our products under our own roof? We care about our tailmakers, the quality of our tails, and YOU!

    What’s your opinion on that?

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  6. Mertailor Kids! Mermaid Tails for Kids!

    If you have little guppies, you must follow www.mertailorkids.com! This is one of our many brands, but focused on your little mermaids and merboys! Mertailor kids offers a variety of tails and accessories specifically designed and created for kids! What’s on your Christmas list this year?

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  7. Gator's Claw Whimsy Mermaid Tail

    Introducing Gator’s Claw Whimsy Tail! What I love about this design is the back is totally different than the front. Perfect for freshwater mermaids and mermen! Swim on over to Mertailor where you can get one of these magical mythological creations for yourself.

    If you could be anywhere in the world mermaiding, where would it be? Would it be on a freshwater river or the open ocean?

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  8. Save 20% Mens Swimwear

    Receive 20% Off Mens Swimwear

    From November 2nd-November 4th, use coupon code: MEN20 in your Shopping Cart to receive 20% Off your next swimwear purchase. This is the perfect time to add to your collection.

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  9. November Tail's of the Month

    That's right! We said "Tails" of the Month!

    The time has come to announce the TWO NEW Tails of the Month! That is right, we are giving you TWO tails for the month of November. Welcome Moon Kelp & Ocean Spray to the Whimsy Tail Skin Collection. Which one will you be choosing? Swim on over to https://bit.ly/2OSQY6L and get yours now!

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  10. Receive 25% Off Select Whimsy Tail Skins

    Receive 25% Off Select Whimsy Tail Skins

    We want to say thank you this weekend by giving you the chance to receive 25% Off Select Whimsy Tail Skins! Use Code WHIMSY25 in your Cart. Offer Valid November 2nd-4th 11:59 PM EST.

    Includes: Caribbean Dream, Key Largo, Condy Anemone, Red Sea, Black Pearl, Splish Splash, Aqua Fairy, and Parrot Bay.

    Don't Miss Out on This One Time Offer!

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