What’s better to share on Mermaid Monday other than this!?! I can’t think of anything better! The “secret” tail is making its way into my photography is part of our "coming soon" Signature Series. You want this tail you say? Well, here’s the scoop! This isn’t going to be categorized as a Spellbound Tail, but rather part of my new Signature Collection. I absolutely ADORE creating mermaid and merman magic for all of you, but I wanted to have the opportunity to create something rather exclusive to my personal fistic, artistic style, giving me full artistic freedom to create some awesome magic ✨ What this means is I’m going to get a few minor details from clients and I’m going to create a one of a kind tail that I have total control over and at a limited quantity. Instead of producing hundreds of these beauties, I want it to be more authentic and limited! Whilst I’m still working out the bugs and final decisions, I wanted the opportunity to share this with you as I know many of your have been very curious as to what I have planned next for Mertailor!