NEW! Fantasea Fin "Too"

The time has come for my to reveal the BIG NEWS! Introducing the Fantasea Fin “Too”, well, because it’s the Fantasea Fin too, you know. Available in a vbariety of awesome colors. Each fin is hand poured by two people at the same time to achieve this tie dye effect, which means each fin is going to be a little unique!

The Fantasea Fin “Too” is in fact larger than the Original Fantasea Fin. You asked for it, you got it baby. Due to the complexity of color and increase in size, you can grab your this beautiful fin on our website for $235!

ALSO! Release The Kraken! Introducing the FIRST Fantasea Whimsy Tail Skin for the Fantasea Fin “Too”’! You can grab your new, matching Tail Skin for $285!

Thanks so much for everyone’s love and support, you’re all amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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