Below you will find a list of very talented artists that we have hand selected from around the world.  These Artists have been approved and are authorized by Mertailor to assist you in designing the tail of your dreams. You will contract directly with the artist of your choice from this list for a one-on-one tail designing experience that will allow Mertailor to bring your creation to life. Once you have finalized and approved your mermaid tail concept, you will come back to this page, fill in the requested information, upload a copy of the final approved design drawings and complete your purchase. You can submit your order here


*Designs fees are not included in the price of the tail and may vary from artist to artist.  Mertailor does not regulate and is not responsible for fees charged by Artists.


**Only designs from an authorized Artist will be accepted for use.  Orders submitted with design files from anyone other than an authorized Mertailor artist will immediately be cancelled and refunded.