Mermaids and Anchor Tote

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Need something a little bigger than the Mertailor medium tote? Give our new Large Totes a try.   Made from scuba knit material, bag is lined with recycled poly twill printed with the Mertailor logo.  These single compartment bags are typical beach bag size and measure approximately 13"x14"x9".   While this may not sound big,  we were able to fit 5 Whimsy tails in this bag with room to spare.  And guess what?  These bags are machine washable too!  Tucked away just waiting for the perfect occasion, we bring have brought back some oldie but goodie Mertailor prints. Choose from Mystic Seas Octopus, Mermaids on an Anchor or Entwined Mermaid and Octopus.     Note - this bag is not meant to be used as a Fantasea Fin carrier.