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Spellbound Triton Mermaid Tail

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PRODUCT UPDATE: As of Januaray 23rd, 2018, you will notice a slight price increase as we have made some alterations to this product, with NEW scales! They are extremely detailed and very realistic. The scales used on this product are located in the base image. 

A new kind of mermaid tail, never before seen and completely unique to Mertailor!

      • Realistic fluke designs inspired by real sea life
      • High quality platinum grade silicone
      • Soft inside polyester spandex blend fabric construction for durably and ease of wear
      • No stiff fiberglass or polycarbonate blade to worry about snapping or puncturing silicone
      • Cushy silicone foot pockets integrated into the tail fluke with silicone heel straps that conform comfortably to the shape of your ankle
      • Effortless movement in the water. Current-like effect created by fluid motion of fluke provides easy propulsion for desired speed in the water
      • Fluidity of fluke provides for effortless treading of water by creating current like effect and upward water flow
      • This tail will accommodate many shoe sizes. Trust us, if you are smaller than a 6.5, you will fit into this tail. Neoprene socks can we worn for fillers and comfort. Choose the size closest to your shoe size

< Images displayed are examples of what your tail could look like.

Release the Spellbound! A new kind of mermaid tail, never before seen and completely unique to Mertailor! We have effectively eliminated the need of an "additional" monofin to produce a fully functional mermaid tail. We have replaced the monofin with a full silicone foot-pocket and adjusted the thickness and the rigidity of the fluke so no blade is required. The cushy silicone foot pocket is permanently integrated into the tail fluke with attached straps that are stretchy, conform nicely to your ankles, and are extremely comfortable to wear. Our Spellbound line is currently available with 1 fluke shape, a variety of ornamental fins and our new intricately detailed scale pattern. These safe for wear, incredibly beautiful body prosthetics complete your mer-transformation and set your undersea adventure in motion. Produced with the highest quality platinum grade silicones, used widely in the Professional Special Effects industry, these tails offer a sensationally realistic appearance and feel. Stretchy and soft, like human skin, we are able to achieve a realistic fishlike translucency in the flukes and fins and a 3-dimensional scale-like texture on the body. Spandex polyester fabric is cast in the silicone during manufacturing for added strength, durability, and comfort. With our special silicone pigmentation process, colors chosen by you will be applied to your tail to achieve the ultimate essence of your Mertail fantasy!

This is a Special Order Item. Estimated manufacture time 12-15 weeks. This item cannot be cancelled or returned for refund or exchange

This product is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

Safety Warning: Mermaid tails should only be used under adult supervision. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk of injury. Neither manufacturer nor seller of this product assumes any liability.

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