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Size Charts

Standard Size Chart


It is important that you provide exact measurements. Having said this, your tail is stretchy – you do not need to make yourself crazy over 1/16”-1/8” increments. Just please do not add or remove from your actual measurements. We make some tailoring modifications when making your pattern to take the stretch of the material into consideration and also to allow for the attachment of the fluke to the body. Therefore, the finished measurements of your tail will not match the measurements you provide us exactly. Your finished tail is made slightly smaller to account for the stretch of the material. This ensures your tail is snug while swimming and helps minimize water intrusion, bulk and wrinkling.

You will require assistance measuring. You cannot bend over and attain accurate measurements. Hold the tape taut not overly tight. Your finished tail will be tighter than your actual measurements.

1. Measurements should be taken with legs together, standing flat footed on the floor. Your feet should be about 1” apart so your knees and calves will be comfortable while wearing your tail.

2. If your calves are touching but your knees don’t (or vice versa) that it OK. Your tail is going to be smaller than the measurements you provide because of the sewn seam allowance on the inside of your tail. If you start with your legs uncomfortably squished together while taking your measurements, you WILL be miserable while wearing your tail.

3. "Waist" is merely a word we use to describe the top of your tail and where it sits on your torso. You may decide where your “waist” is and where you want to wear your tail. It can be your natural waistline, your belly button or your hips. Remember though, the lower you wear your tail on your torso the more chance you will have of exposing your bottom when bending and flexing. “Gaposis” is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid in lined silicone tails because there is not a rear/center seam. Although silicone is stretchy and the tails fit tight, lined tails do not "cling" to the body like a spandex tail or a full silicone version where silicone is directly against the body.

4. Stand against a wall and have the person assisting you mark the vertical measurements for your waist, hips, butt, mid-thigh, knee, calves, ankles. I use masking or painters tape to run up the wall so I don’t have to mark on the wall. Make sure these marks are positioned at the widest part of each body part. These measurements are all relative and will work as long as WHERE YOU MEASURE DOWN IS WHERE YOU MEASURE AROUND. Make sure you measure around at the same place your made the vertical marks on the wall. The vertical measurements should be measured straight up and down, not along the curve of the body. You can then easily measure from the waist to each mark to determine the waist to (........) measurements.

5. Make sure to take your measurements at the widest part of each body area.

  • Calves - if you do not measure at the widest area of your calves your tail will tend to slip down to your ankles because it is too small to comfortably slide over the calves. This will result in more than normal wrinkling and overlapping at the ankles.
  • The butt measurement - make sure the tape is not slipping up in the back when you measure around the butt.
  • Mid-thigh is generally where your fingertips sit at your thigh with your arms down at your sides.
6. When choosing your monofin size – If you ever have to buy shoes beyond the stated shoe size span OR if you have wider or high arched feet, please consider sizing up. You can always wear scuba booties to snug up the foot pockets, but you can’t make them bigger once your tail is complete. Example: Medium monofin fits women’s shoe sizes 7.5-9. If you typically wear a size 9 but occasionally have to purchase 9-1/2” it would probably be better to size up to a large. 
7. One last thing, proof-read the measurements that you enter into the computer. Make sure you have entered them properly. 

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